You Matter. They Matter. People. Matter.


The political issues in the world, pro life vs pro choice, illegal immigration, etc…often forget that everyone in the issue matters. It is not us against them. It is not when and how. It is all of us. All the time.

Each and every single living creature on this planet matters. Each and every single person has the basic right to be treated like a person. Not a meal ticket, not a pay check, not tools to prove we are right or to have personal gain.

Matters as these are important. It is good to have discussions and face the issues we create. But do not forget that there is a heartbeat behind every post, a mind behind each thought. Do not forget the people around you. Whether they look, think, or act like you…they matter. You matter. People. Matter.

Whether borders exist, whether companies flourish or fail, whether we share the same go…we share the same planet, the same air, and the same oceans. We share the same sun, the same moon, and the stars. In the end, our little worldly problems we face may be difficult, but we must remember we share the same rock, we are all connected, and if one goes down, we all go down.

So remember your humanity. Remember what matters.


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