A Little Note About Loss: Let it out.

It is a very late blog today…and while there is no excuse…it ’tis life.

Due to it being such a late hour and I do indeed want to sleep…I want to just touch a little on something that is on my mind today: Loss.

It can be the loss of anything. Whether it be you loss your favorite pen or lost a person in your life…while it obviously levels in degrees…it creates a feeling of having a hole or a place to fill.

How you deal with loss, I cannot even begin to answer. It varies on the situation, the person, and honestly depends on what direction you are or wanting to go. But if there is any advice  feel that covers every situation safely is this:

Do not hold it in forever. For a while is fine…that may be a part of how you need to heal…but forever is metaphorically cancerous. Let it out. With words or on paper. To a punching bag or tears onto a pillow. Public or private. Just let it out.

And don’t fill the hole with toxic things forever. Need a drink at the bar? Fine. Have one. But that is not sustainable or healing behavior. Eventually to feel whole again…or at least taped together…you have to fill it with truly respectful and loving things. Healthy things. that definition varies for everyone. But make sure that it is truly and to your core that definition of happy.

Not immediately. Not perfectly. But eventually and one step at a time. You can take what you want from this. Or take nothing at all…but I hope we all can learn how to deal with loss in a productive way someday. I am wishing that for myself as well. For now…a goodnight. See you next time.


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  1. kayteable says:

    Hey guys! If you are regulars here on Kayteableblogs you may notice my old blogs are removed and the layout has changed. I am doing a little makeover of my blog! Sorry for the inconvenience! Much Love!


  2. Para Sakti says:

    Yes! Let it out. I agree with you. Or… Tap it out with EFT youtube videos.

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    1. kayteable says:

      Haha, yes tapping is a good resource lol


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