Make a Vegan Cry 101-Q&A

Welcome back everyone! Today’s blog is and will be related to a video that will be posted in video form 8:00am on this Saturday: June 15, 2019. But I think it’s good to stay on message when you are trying to send one.

I recently “leveled up” on veganism…how? Why? We will get there, calm down. First a bit of history.  I went vegan first of all for “health reasons” and of course the added benefit for me as an animal lover was that they were no longer part of my diet. And that is a great reason to be vegan…I don’t think there is a wrong reason to make the decision…but…

There are days that I could give less of a sh*t about my health or what I was putting in my body…so for me…it was an unstable reason. Recently I watched a vegan documentary called Dominion on YouTube. It is two hours of raw honesty about the animal industry. Raw and graphic. It created a rock hard solid reason. No going back. I leveled up. Here is the link to that video: Dominion–Full Documentary But it should be said that it’s not a light thing to watch and not to be watched without an open heart.

My summary? It was just an honest, real look into what happens from Day One to On Your Plate. Just honesty and fact. No real opinion. Just what happens…with imagery. I can name at least five people right now that’s first response to me mentioning this documentary will be either “Well, not all farms and dairies, etc are like this.” or “Well this is made by opinionated people that knit-pick rare situations”. My response?

Sure, not every. single. place. is like this…but it is the reality of what the process is behind  big industries and most industries that put food in your grocery store. So…even if, say, you live in Idaho, and you personally know the people that work in the dairies right next door…what is the reality that your McDonald’s or Walmart is using Susan’s humanely treated cow? Sparse. I also know for a fact that those same (very kind and sweet individuals) who would have that response…don’t buy directly from those farms for those products or simple can’t afford to do so…even if they want to. SO…we do have to face that reality.

I am not going into the knitty-gritty for this blog for it is an overwhelmingly long essay I could write…and I am willing to if you leave your comments and questions below or go to my Instagram @thekayteablevegan and message me.

But for now…here is my new updated (summarized) list of why I am choose to be vegan. I still respect and care about you if you disagree with my opinions even though I have grown stronger reasons to stick to mine.

-It eliminates my participation in stomach wrenching and blood curdling animal cruelty. 

-It significantly reduces my personal carbon foot-print.

-If done correctly (as with any lifestyle or diet) it has undeniable health benefits.

-It makes me feel happier knowing I am doing my part with what I know.

-I feel it is overall the best thing to do.

AGAIN, this topic is not being brought up to judge anybody who thinks differently than me. However, it is an important topic to me. So, if you have questions…or rebuttals, or any sort of  conversation you would like to have about this topic…again drop a comment or message me on Instagram. I will either respond individually OR if I get enough of the same question I will answer collectively via blog or video on Saturday.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful morning. See ya Friday.



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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Yes! Great points! Good reminder for me too.
    Thanks for the reminder of my own values.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kayteable says:

      Happy to help! Thanks for reading!


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