“dear dad”

Hey, favorite 20 year old kid here. I am poor and don’t have a lot of physical gifts to give…but love and a good short letter that won’t force you to read for too long…I can do.

Thank you for being the best dad anyone could ask for. I don’t think I was the kid you expected (or even hoped for lol) but you decided to keep and love me anyways. If you know me…you know that can sometimes be difficult.

You are amazing and I hope you have a wonderful Father’s day. Lot’s of love, your favorite kid. ) You don’t have to tell the siblings. It’s okay I know.  😉

P.s. I could say so much more…but about one more paragraph and my dad’s eyes would start bleeding tears because while he’s very smart…he’s not one for reading something without pictures …love you Dad.

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  1. Arlene Gramalene says:

    Kayte, I agree with you. You do have a great dad. Lucky you!! And your dad is pretty lucky, too.
    You are a great young woman a nd I love you!

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    1. kayteable says:

      Thanks Grandmalene! Love Ya!


  2. Para Sakti says:


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