New Battle Plan: Sleep Harder|Journal Entry #3

Hello. I’m back. Soooo…

This new update is perhaps going to sound dumb…because the problem at the center of it was fairly obvious…but the priority of fixing said problem was low on the list until now.

Let me explain why.

First you should probably know the problem: lack of sleep/complete lack of sleep schedule. 

Now, if you know me or you take note of what time I post my blogs…you know I am a night owl. And a severe one. There is nothing wrong with being a night owl….but when your days are chalk full of todo’s, goals, work schedules, and fun…still being up at 5am starts to cause issues.

#thekayteableproject is what I call my weight-loss/fitness journey…and if you go back to my 5 Natural Ways to Lose Weight, I mentions SLEEP as one of the tips. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I already knew that having a better sleep schedule would significantly improve my journey…but I figured while it was helpful…it wasn’t required.


You see, what I didn’t realize or more accurately, what I chose to ignore, was the fact that lack by itself wasn’t necessarily the enemy…it was the side effects.

Lack of sleep=I was tired=unmotivated to stay active= stressed me out that I was not improving= leads me to stress eating=going over my caloric deficit (by a long shot)=me not moving forward…or even regressing in my weight-loss/ fitness goals.

So yeah. Not getting enough sleep in at the right times…is messing me up. So it just got promoted to first priority. So what does my battle plan look like now?

The Sleep Schedule

  1. All electronics are off and away LATEST 11:00pm. If I post late…roast the crap out of me. NO. NO.
  2. Goal: Bed by 11:30. Leaving 30 or so minutes to read or journal.
  3. Cut all caffeine outside of teas after noon. (12pm) Limit caffeine in general (1 cup of unsweetened coffee 🙂
  4. Drink chamomile tea when I get home from work (around 10pm)
  5. Take melatonin at 11pm when electronics turn off 🙂
  6. Wake up 7:30-8:30 every morning. Estimated 8-9 hours of sleep a night.

How it effects my other goals:

So since my main priority is getting my sleep schedule on track…I am going to “take it easy” on my other goals. Not neglect them…just chill.

Diet: Instead of really intense focus on what I am eating…just focus on staying within my caloric deficit and avoid “out to eat foods”. Meaning I can eat fries at home if I want as long as it fits in the “budget” and is made AT HOME. 

Fitness: For just a hot minute we are going to keep it CHILL. No intense activity required…just a 20-30 minute walk minimum and yoga/meditation. I want to focus (as I get my sleep schedule in check) on getting in the rhythm of “working out” with a gentle intro. So…walking and yoga for now. 

Diabetes: Same old, same old. Check blood sugars, take insulin BEFORE I eat, and take Tojeo at night. 🙂

Hope this is helpful to someone…Just wanted to show my process of reevaluating my goals and making it more efficient and sustainable for myself.

Chat with you guys later!




Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

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