“Hippie-ish Habits” YOU Should Have

Hey. The definition of “what being a hippie” really means is vague so…I took it upon myself to pick out some habits that I think everyone should have in my own personal definition of a hippie. That being said…these are really just habits I think humans should have…not a concrete definition as to what being a hippie means. Thanks.

 1. “Peace, Love, and Understanding.”

Now, this can be left to interpretation…but for me it means we should always (when possible) strive for a peaceful world, peaceful life, with peaceful solutions.

Love ourselves, fellow humans, animals, and the planet. (I am in no way insinuating romantic love…you can do whatever you want…use your free will…but…I just mean be nice…just as a weird disclaimer.) Do our best to treat everything and everyone with kindness.

Have understanding and patience with ourselves and others. It’s a tough world to live in…so trying to have a little understanding can go a long way.

2. Love Mother Earth

You don’t have to go super granola…but giving the earth a little love is definitely a “hippie habit” I think everyone should participate in. Recycle, use reusable products, perhaps try a more “earth friendly diet” *coughs* vegansim. Wait…what? I am just kidding…you do you…but it wouldn’t hurt. 🙂

3. Taking a Stand

This is one that may seem weird. But hippies have been making a stand for their beliefs forever. I am not saying you have to make a stand for the same things as “hippies”. I am merely saying let’s follow the example of taking action.

If you believe in something…do something about it. Don’t just complain while the world turns around you.

4.Shop at your Local Businesses 

Wiki How said they shop at the farmer’s market. Yep. I think…not only the farmer’s market, but all local businesses should be included in this habit. Shopping locally benefits your Ma & Pa shops and helps you know all about the products you are buying.

Plus, you can avoid the money hungry corporations that have…many issues. A vague statement? Yep. For the moment it’s going to stay that way.

5. Be you.

Being a hippie means you are not afraid to be you. Love and embrace the person you are and don’t be shy in sharing it.

This was just a silly blog today but I think being kind and loving. Maybe recycling a bit doesn’t hurt. 🙂 I will see you all Monday!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Doing what we each can is such a great key pointbin your (not silly) awesome blog. ☺


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