Things you learn working at a coffee shop.|Coffee Talk

Working in a coffee shop is a unique and interesting experience. Currently I work as host at a coffee shop and in the past I was a barista at a different location…and it is probably my favorite environment to work in.

I’m thinking about making Fridays “Coffee Talks” and today I feel like sharing all about the things I have learned working in a coffee shop.


People are like their coffee order. Some people are simple and easy going. Vanilla Latte. Some people follow the trends. Matcha. Some people like to have control of all the little details. 20 oz, iced mocha, half sweet, extra shot, half-caf, made with skim milk, light ice. I always enjoy watching people see what coffee jives best with them.


People need to share their feelings. There is nothing like being in customer service. And there is definitely nothing like being a receptive person on the other side of the counter from someone who hasn’t had their coffee yet. When you ask: How’s your day going? You never know what you are going to get. Sometimes you are the only person who has taken the person to ask. It’s a good reminder that sometimes people just need you to listen.



How to be kind when others are not.

Like I said, we meet people before they get their coffee. Sometimes people can be just down right mean. Now, there’s a line…but learning how to return a smile to a scowl and kin

d words to cruel ones…becomes a skill. Sometimes people are just having a bad day and we are the targets of the day. And sometimes that’s okay. 

Compliments are the best. Both when you give them and receive them. Being able to see someone light up when you tell them you like their shirt or adore their haircut is the best feeling in the world. Compliments are best when they are heard so speak up!


Coffee and community changes people. I have people who come in with a frown, and after a few sips and a bit of small chatter among friends or even strangers, they leave with a smile. Even if you don’t drink coffee, the importance of feeling like you belong somewhere can make all the difference.

Mug on plate filled with coffee surrounded by coffee beans

That is all for Coffee Talk for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! See you all Monday!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Sounds like you know how to create a cozy environment that warms people’s hearts more than coffee ever could. God bless you.


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