The secret about EXPECTATIONS.|Minimalist Mondays

“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.”

-Ryan Reynolds



Before we get into this blog, I would like to be clear about the difference between expectations and standards. I believe these two separate things often get overlapped. Expectations tend to be a perfected or over exaggerated versions of situations, people, or ourselves that we have in our heads, where as standards are a set level of quality we have for ourselves and our environment.

That being said…when I say minimize or even…throw out the expectations…do not mistake that statement as obliterate your standards. Standards create healthy boundaries, goals, and a level of stability in our lives that I recommend. Where our expectations create room for disappointment, unneeded anger or sadness, and are overall…useless.

For today’s “Minimalist Monday” I want to focus on how we can de-cluttter our expectations for ourselves, others, and situations in a way that will make us more successful, fulfilled, and at peace with the present.

When we are too busy day dreaming about what the ideal or “day-nightmaring” about the worst possible outcome…we don’t leave room to be present for the reality that is before you. That leads to us missing out on opportunities, experiences, and heart to heart moments we could share with those around us.

Although, true, we are human…so completely letting go of all expectations is virtually impossible…it is possible to let go of our attachments to said expectations and give way to the present in front of us.  So…how?

Here are 3 ways that have worked for me…and hopefully work for you…so without further ado:

3 Ways to Let Go of Expectations:

•Acknowledge your expectations. Observe them. Are they true? Are they based on fact? Are they presently happening? The answer is probably going to be no to most of these. If so, let them go, and ground yourself to the present moment.

•Journal. Writing down or voicing our expectations out loud…can make us see them more clearly. Assist us in seeing what is more outrageous and what is actually realistic when it comes to out expectations. We can reason with ourselves more reasonably in our own minds. Think or talk out loud or on paper…and reevaluate your ideals.

•Revisit the Past. May seem contradictory to look at the past when you are trying to be present. But looking back and observing whether your expectations actually match up with the reality of what happened can make it more clear where you may be filling in the blanks with pages of spun stories you’ve told yourself.

That is all for this blog. I wish you all a great night and I will see you Wednesday!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    I agree! Standards are CRUCIAL (I have learned the hard way)… And expectations usually just get in the way. Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

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