10 Reasons H2O is neat-o.|Wednesday Wellness

Everybody is always shoving the fact that we need to drink more water down our throats. We are all adults here. We know that. But…anybody ever tell you why water is so bad-arse? I thought not.

So, without further ado…

10 Reasons Water is Neat-O

It lubricates your joints. Your knees sounding like you just poured milk into your rice crispies? Well they shouldn’t. Go drink some water you bum.

The cartilage around your joints is 80% water…so being dehydrated for long periods of time…turns you into a human prune that creaks.

Prevents hangovers. That’s right Susan, your day drinking is causing you headaches. Drink some water between glasses of wine. Helps your body recover from you pounding back cheap alcohol to forget how your high school boyfriend left you to be with Steven and now it’s just you and your seven cats…

Drink….some water. The pain will hurt less.

You can be a skinny legend too.ย Been trying to lose weight? You’ve tried eating kale and pretending you know what you are doing at the gym for 20 minutes…but have you tried two hydrogens and an oxygen mixed and poured over ice? Might do the trick.

Staying hydrated helps you stay satiated longer (because sometimes when you feel hungry…you’re just thirsty) as well as assisting the metabolic rate.

You are 60% water and you are pretty neat, man.ย 

Helps you poop. That’s right. It’s gross…but we have all been there. Constipated and frustrated. Instead of eating fiber by the spoonful, drink some water and eat some veggies. You might think I’m full of crap…but I drink lots of water. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stops Headaches. All jokes aside, I suffered from migraines all through-out high school and that sucked. I would take medicine, try to get more sleep, but in the end…when I started drinking more water…it reduced my symptoms significantly.

No More Cramps. Gentlemen, before you click off…this can help you too. women aren’t the only one with cramps. Have you ever woken up to a charlie-horse? Yeah, I would rather eat concrete than deal with those. Drink water. Re-hydrates your muscles…reducing the risk for cramps.

I would much rather drink water than eat concrete.

Water can be flavored.ย Don’t tell me you don’t drink water because you don’t like the tastes. Throw lemon in there, a cucumber, fruit, a tea bag. You don’t have to chug tap water. Spice it up. Don’t be shy.

You can get water from food. I know. Game changer. Eat cucumbers, watermelon, ice. The last one is a little less exciting…but you get the point. Start adding hydrating foods to your diet. They are refreshing and help your body out!

Think clearly. Now, this depends on the person. I’m super hydrated and I still lag like a computer from 2008. BUT, it has been proven that staying hydrate improves brain function! So be smart and drink water…and get…smarter?

Put skin care routines to shame. Your skin is the biggest organ you have…so take care of it and stay hydrated. Water can result in you having less acne, less wrinkles, and more money…because you are spending less on anti wrinkle cream and face wash. (Still wash your face though…don’t be gross.)

You feel better. Staying hydrated helps you function, look fabulous, and makes sure you don’t have headaches or leg cramps that make you want to eat concrete. You can’t argue with that.

That is all for today, kids. Go forth, and drink. No, Susan, not the box wine.

See ya Friday!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    This article had me rolling, and actually laighing out loud. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Great info in there too!!

    Liked by 1 person

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