What’s in your cup? |Coffee Basics

For those of you who spend your days in a coffee shop…this is old news. You probably know your basics. BUT…if you like your coffee…but you don’t know how to order what you want…this blog could be helpful!

“What’s in your cup?”

Latte: Milk and espresso.  That’s it. :). Typically, your average 16oz latte has two shots of espresso and milk. It’s simple, but a very good base to start out with when customizing your coffee. Want some flavor? Add syrup. Vegan? Get a plant based milk (Ex. almond, coconut, hemp, oat, cashew, etc.). Want some more espresso? Add a shot! Latte’s are a great introduction to finding a fun cup of brew.

Mocha: This is some sort of chocolate milk and espresso. Some coffee shops use pre-made chocolate milk and others will add their own chocolate syrup to the shops milk, and then of course, the espresso. You can also add some yummy flavors or shots to change it up. But if you are vegan, it can be harder to find options as most chocolate syrups have milk in them. (But it’s not impossible! 🙂

Breve: Cream (half & half) and espresso. This is also another great base just like our latte…but if you want something more creamy and heavy. Vegan options are EXTREMELY limited at shops, but you can make one at home with vegan creamer!

Americano: This just some espresso and water. A lot of people might add a dash of half & half or plant milk or just drink it as is! Served hot, it is just hot water and espresso and served cold, it’s shots poured over ice. Super easy to make vegan.

Cold Brew: cold brew coffee is made by steeping coffee ground in cold water for 12-24 hours, using time rather than heat ( like pulled espresso shots). It can be used to replace pulled espresso shots in cold drinks or can just be enjoyed plain. Because of the brewing process the taste tends to be richer, smoother, and perhaps, (depending on the bean) sweeter. Vegan approved.

Drip Coffee: This is what you are probably very comfortable with. (While the quality definitely varies) This is what you find at hotels, at home, at a diner, etc. It’s your basic cup of joe and it is very dependable. Very vegan friendly.

This is just a drop in the cup of what coffee can be, but it hopefully can help build a base understanding of what to look for when you are ordering coffee. Let me know down below what your favorite cup of coffee is (or drink) and let me know what coffee questions you have for a future blog!

See you all Friday! I hope you all have a great day!



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  1. Para Sakti says:

    The drop in the cup was yummy! The more you know! 🎆


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