I haven’t done anything.|#thekayteableproject


It’s been a hot minute. Since it’s been so long I will summarize what #thekayteableproject even is…it’s my health journey…and I have done nothing…for a while. I am always getting on and off track…but the key I think is that I always come back to it. I wanted to share that sometimes (a lot of times for me) we get off the path of our goals and we have to reset.

I was having a rough time mentally for a bit, which in turn effected my physical goals. I have moved into my own place and am trying to re-figure out all over again what I want and who I am as an individual, which I think is important to share.

So my update today: I haven’t done anything. And that’s okay…but today I figure it’s time to get back on that train. So I hopefully will be seeing you all around a little bit more often.


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Good for you coming back to your healthcare.


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