How I “Reset”.

I am a person of many reset. One who has to physically sit down and re-evaluate my life every ten minutes. Now…I don’t always do this well, but I do it often enough, I feel like sharing what I personally do to feel refreshed might be helpful.

Three steps:

  1. Clean my space. Getting stuff clean and organized physically can help clear the “gunk” mentally.
  2. Sit down and meditate. When I am stressed…sometimes meditation is just sitting on the floor taking deep breaths. Other times when I am in the right head space…I do more traditional meditation.
  3. Write it out. I get a notebook. I doodle in it…make it exciting and write out feelings, worries, goals, anything that is in my head: write it out. Helps untangle and organize the brain.

That’s it. Obviously to make a lasting change follow through with action…but just to reset and feel refreshed, I follow those three steps.

Short blog today, but I hope it was perhaps helpful.


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Wise as always!! Love it!


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