I am bad at “New Habits.” Help.|Wednesday Wellness

If you are anything like me…making and sticking to new habits…is hard. And today’s blog is all about how I am trying to change that…or at least make it a little bit easier. So you are welcome to try with me…or sit back and wait for the update…but without further ado, here is:

“5 Ways To Make Sticking to Habits Easier…I Hope.”

  1. Make or buy a habit tracker. I personally made mine! It was fairly simple, but I know that is not everyone’s forte…so buying one is also an option. Mine, I made super simple and easy to log daily. I would like to be the person who journals everyday…but reality is…I probably won’t. My hope is that it will be rewarding to see the blocks be filled in with happy colors and not angry ones.
  2. Add “Habit Alarms”. I personally didn’t get too crazy with this one, but I set an alarm in the morning and one around the time I want to go to bed. The morning one will be for: Workout? & Drink Water?. The one before bed will be: Log and Lantis?. Just very basic reminders that will hopeful bring the rest of my goals to mind.
  3. Get a data usage app. A lot of the reason I don’t work on my goals is because I am playing on my phone. Oops. So I downloaded an app that has a “limit reminder”. When I go overtime on my phone it brings up a big fat reminder on my home-screen before I can do anything. So hopefully it shames me into doing more productive things.
  4. Make my goals accessible. Now for me…this means, healthy food to the front, yoga mat out, and diabetic supplies next to my phone on my bedside table. If they are out and visible…hopefully I don’t ignore my own signals.
  5. Publicly announce my goals. That’s right. I am really good at giving into shame…and so I will shame myself. Announce a goal on the internet…and hopefully I peer pressure myself into succeeding, lmao.

That is all that’s on my brain today, folks! I will see you all Friday! Let me know if you have any tips because your girl can use some. Have a good day!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Lol. Best use of shame I have ever heard of. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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