10 of my favorite types of people.

Today we are boosting some positivity out there and talking about our favorite types of people. Without any further explanation…here are my favorite types of people:

  1. “The Listener”. The type of people you can just blab all day to and they will still be kindly listening. Some days you just really need to be heard and they are the best at making you feel loved and appreciated. Thank you to all who deal with me never shutting up. 🙂
  2. The Chill Guy”. The person that no matter what is happening…nothing could seemingly affect them. While…this can be inconvenient when you need something done in a hurry…they are a nice reminder that it’s okay to sit back and breath sometimes.
  3. “The Compassionate One”. The people who take time to see the little things that make the world a little brighter and are willing to try and understand where people are coming from. They make the Earth a little bit better. 🙂
  4. “The Talker”. yes…it’s awesome when people listen…but is also awesome to hear people’s life stories. I love it when people can just plop down and lay a good story on ya.
  5. The Chaotic Good”. That person that you never know what they are doing or where they are going…but they always have good intentions and inevitably make you smile.
  6. “The Eater.” As someone who eats way too much…it’s nice when someone can out-eat you. So we can be pigs together. ❤
  7. “Coffee Talks”. They person that you can just grab a coffee with and chat. About serious things or small talk. But a good conversation over coffee is my kind of good time.
  8. The Animal Lover“. The person with cute pets or just love animals in general. I love gooshing over furry friends with another human being. Makes ya feel less crazy.
  9. The Over-Sharer“. I might be alone in this one…but the people who just drop truth bombs are one of my favorites because…they just ooze information you don’t hear too often. They tend to crack me up and make me feel more comfortable in sharing my own thoughts.
  10. The Quick Response.” People who respond quickly are amazing. I am not one of those people….but there are times where you really need to chat and that one person who just is fast to type back…is so nice and dependable.

That is all I have for today! Let me know who your favorite types of people are…and if you share any of mine. Have a great day!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    I like that you like a lot of “unlikeables” because my oversharing can definitely be rejected overall. I appreciate the appreciation and the acceptance.

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