Time for change. Who am I?

For today’s Minimalism Monday…we are going to minimize the bullsh*t.

I am a “people pleaser”, which is great for my career choices in customer service…but on the flip side…creates quite a disservice when trying to voice and take action for my own opinions and lifestyle choices. This is no one’s fault but my own…so the purpose of today is to take accountability for my lack of communication, action, and truth.

This is more of a personal blog…to help me…and I hope that maybe it can inspire others to have better communication, take stronger action, and to be more truthful. So…without further ado, let’s get into it.

I am 20 years old…and I am still in the phase of discovering who I am, who I like, and what I want to do with my life. While, I have an established core theme…I honestly am still in free fall…and that’s all right. But it is important to communicate that to others instead of pretending to have a total life plan. So as of today, here is where I am at:

  1. What do I want to do? What is my plan? Like I said…I don’t quite know. But I know I want to make a difference. Big or small. I want to spread joy and kindness and that’s why I genuinely love customer service…I get to inject those things into people’s daily routine. I want to explore and not be stuck in a small minded bubble. I want to travel, explore, and learn as much as I can before my time is up. I want to spread awareness of the world and the environment we all share and love. I want to do my part to help myself and others be successful and loving  occupants of the Earth. I want to teach others and myself that open and honest communication is always the best route.
  2. Who am I?  I am a human being who strives to be kind, honest, and helpful. I love animals and want to treat them with kindness and compassion. I love my fellow humans and want to treat them with kindness and compassion. I am an older sister and want to be an example of acceptance and understanding. I am not always a pillar of light, but I continue to try. I am a daughter of amazing parents and I have always wanted to make them proud, although that sometimes bites me in the butt. I am an animal mom to a wonderful cat named Chonk and I am so happy to have invited her into my home. I am a friend who tries to be supportive and kind. I am a human who is still trying to figure out my sexuality and that’s okay.  I have given definite answers as in the past I felt they were necessary but, now in all honesty…I am still trying to figure that out. I am someone who struggles with depression and anxiety and those can be very manageable things and other times they seems too heavy. I am a lot of things and nothing at all. I am Kayte, and who that is …is still under construction.

Why was this blog important? It isn’t and it is. It’s a moment that I just wanted to communicate: I don’t know…and that’s okay. I am figuring it out. I want others to know that it’s okay to not know. That is not a requirement to exist. You don’t owe explanations to everyone all the time. (Of course, communication is good). It’s okay to be messy, that’s how art is. But eventually you’ll find your spot on the canvas and you will be a masterpiece.

That’s all for today.

-I Don’t Know


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    You can “not know” at any age. I am at such a stage at 42. Clueless but still alive…even starting to thrive.

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