Moving Forward: Taking action on the intentions we fear we will fail.

Happy Monday everyone. Today is all about taking action on our plans we stop ourselves from doing out of fear of failing. This is a problem for me with basically every aspect of my life…but over the past few years… I have been working on it.

So many times I have opened a new journal with high motivation and soaring inspiration, jotted down detailed plans, goals, and dreams…closed the journal and have stood still….fearing what would happen if I fail…or worse…what would happen if I succeed?

I feel so comfortable in the uncomfortable. Successful in the consistency of doing nothing. While fearing what would happen if I tried…and succeeded. What would I do if I reached my goals? Would my life be meaningless, goalless, and too unfamiliar?

As stupid as it is to see those fears written down…they are indeed real. So…what now?

Today is a day to start acting. Jot down the goals…shut the journal…and actually do something about it. Today is the day I meet with a few friends and discuss accountability partners, to set up steps I will take this week. Then next week…I will meet again, come up with the next steps to move forward.

I am tired of seeing the same goals in my journal. It’s time to check them off and make new ones.

Let me know what some of your goals are this week. Let me know what stops you from doing those things. Today is the day we let out those inner fears and face them. It’s getting old listening to them.


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    I’ve made a lot of forward progress on my goals because of EFT/Tapping…clearing out the fears that can be paralyzing. I was held back by the internal fears and comfort zones all my life up until recently… But like you said…action into the unknown, living outside the old comfort zones is the only way to get to newer, better territory. A successful businessman I read about used to say that if he wasn’t scared several times a day, he knew he wasn’t growing his character.

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