I had a panic attack ordering wifi. I am an adult.

Hey guys! I got off work late and the coffee shop closes in ten minutes so…..

Short story of the day is that I, officially for the first time, had to sign up for internet services for my home. When I got to the part where they were like: HAY CONGRATS! HERE IS YOUR INTERNET CONFIRMATION NUMBER! HAVE A GREAT DAY!…and they hadn’t taken my card information…I had a panic attack.

I was like….do I pay now? Did I even order it? What is happening? When will the bill come? Will I accidentally spend this money on tacos if you give me this much time?

Guys…I’ll pay for it in 18 days.

I need to relax. Lesson? Sometimes we stress over stupid crap. We don’t need to have control over every aspect of our lives at all times….hope you all have a good night lmao.

-Kayte, a very easily overwhelmed human being.

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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Do you still have the money for WiFi or eat tacos instead? 😄

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