…day 19…yeah it’s been a minute

Hello! Holy cow did I get distracted.

I have multiple points: it is amazing how easy it is to get distracted during the holidays and working and such. Not an excuse by any means, but an interesting observation. I have been journaling to myself…which will lead me to my next point…I didn’t realize how much posting every single day would burn me out form writing.

I would find myself going to post…but would find I had nothing interesting to say…so I would end up deciding to put my computer away rather than posting a half “butt” post.

That being said…I really like the accountability of posting my results and progress (and my defeats) so I want to carry this series of posts into 2020. However, I am developing a different format for a weekly review rather than daily…as I think that will be more doable for my lifestyle and mental abilities.

I will see you tomorrow for my regular Monday post.