The Universe and I.


“The Strength card reveals that you face formidable obstacles, but you have the resources within you to overcome whatever comes your way. You have great courage radiating from your heart center, and you have many blessings in your life. As you take an inventory of the resources available to you, you will see that the situation is no cause for worry.”

Daily Reading. December 2, 2019

Today is a bit of a rambly blog as I just wanted to sit down and talk to you about what is on my mind today. The following is a glob of information/thoughts collected through experience, many conversations, and various reading materials.

Creating the ideal world we want seems far fetched…and on one hand it is and on another it isn’t.

On the side of far fetched…thinking that we as humans have a real grasp on what is 100% the best…is to be honest…ridiculous. We have the tiniest idea of what is out there, what there is to come, and what is meant to be. We are also not aware of all the lessons we need to learn, places we need to grow, and what our greatest potential really is.

On the side of it being within reach…

My mother calls it source, my father calls it God…and whatever you call it…that’s up to you. For a simple and fairly unoffensive name for it…let’s, for the blogs sake, call it the Universe. We can send out what we believe to be the best for us. We can communicate and work towards what we think is ideal. AND be open to what the Universe has planned for us. The combination of EFFORT and OPEN TO CHANGE is the fast track to the future you wish to attain.

So…that being said:

I WANT to be compassionate, zero waste, healthy, and make kind eating decisions. I WANT to travel see the world, and meet new people. I WANT to live in a different town where I feel at home, be more social,  and attend more events. I WANT to be in a loving and respectful partnership, where we learn and grow together. I WANT to be grow into myself and be a light in the world that can seem very dark at times. This is what I perceive to be my ideal.

I will put EFFORT into my diet choices, my fitness, and my choices in what I use if regards to waste. I will put EFFORT into saving money to travel  and reaching out to new people. I will put EFFORT into my relationships and do my part to learn and to grow. I will put EFFORT into being a positive influence in the world. As this is what I perceive to be my ideal.

And finally, I am OPEN TO CHANGE. I am OPEN to a new course of action if it is presented to me. And I am OPEN to whatever the Universe has in store for me. I will work on the relationship that is between the Universe and I. As this is what is truly my ideal.

And that is the blog for the day.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    It almost feels as though you answered a question that I directly asked for the answer to. 😉Thanks for being a light like that. 💝


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