“Visions” By: Lisa McMann |Book Review

Today we are expanding the horizons of Kayteable by doing a book review. Reading is a big part of my life and I think it’s important to share what brings us joy. So without further ado, let’s get into this coffee talk book review.

Last month I read a book called “Visions” By: Lisa McMann and I have to say I fairly enjoyed it! I would rate it a 7/10. It is definitely aimed at older teens (16-17) as the main characters were entering their junior year of high school. But to be quite honest, I enjoy that age range of fiction books, as I find them pretty relaxing to read and easy to get sucked into whatever particular world the author is luring you into.


“Visions” is centered from a first person perspective of Jules, a teen that works and lives above her family’s Italian restaurant. She is fairly relatable and has a very…light hearted, sarcastic voice through the conflict of the story. Which brings us to: the conflict. Jules starts seeing a vision of a truck crashing into a building, followed by 9 body bags in the snow. She goes on a journey of trying to figure out the when, why, and where…while maintaining school, a job, and full time crush on the son of the family’s rival restaurant. The plot thickens when it appears that she has passed the “sickness” of the vision onto someone else, leaving her with a feeling of responsibility of saving people from the next tragedy.

Thoughts On Writing Style, Voice, & Topics

I enjoyed how it touched base on issues like mental illness, sexuality, and communication. It was odd as an adult to read it, as it would randomly jump into the brain of a hormonal teen girl on the topics of sex…without a natural transition. I’m all for expressive writing, but the way it was written, this perspective seemed out of place and unnecessary.  However, as a lady, I appreciate the attempt at shedding light to a “women’s” (in this case) experience of expressing sexuality and ideals around the topic.

They way that Jule’s character narrated her life was entertaining and lively. My only critic would be that it was TOO realistic in terms of narrating the mind of a teen gal…sometimes there was just too many thoughts/ideas going on all at once. But again, I found her brain very entertaining to watch work and see how she broke down what was in front of her and how she was going to handle a situation.

Overall writing style was decent. I do think it sometimes got a little lazy, using cliches and short, simple sentences that tended to lack sensory descriptions, leaving a scene kind of bland for my taste. Other than that it was overall entertaining…and I think I am nit-picking it a bit.

Final Thoughts

I think that if you are looking for an easy but longer read (759 pages) this is a pretty good book. I think the best target audience is, like I said, older teen to young adult, also more geared to a female audience. It took me about three weeks to read around a full time job and life.

I think it was a good decision to keep it as one book, as opposed to spreading the story line through multiple books. When I finished the last page I was satisfied with the ending and it’s ending message. It was a an entertaining reminder of the importance of family, friends, and communication…and what it means to be alive and human.

If you want to check it out yourself, here is a link to buy a copy for yourself:

“Visions” By Lisa McMann

That’s all for today. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you want me to read and review a particular book, let me know in the comments below! As for now, I hope you all have a great day!



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