Day 2: Tougher than I thought!

Good evening everyone! How are you?! I hope the holiday season is treating you all well. Yesterday I announced that I am kick starting my New Year’s Resolutions with an “End of the Year” challenge. If you want to see what all that’s all about, check this out The Final 2019 Challenge if you’d like! Otherwise, let’s get going shall we?

1. What I ate today!

Breakfast: A protein smoothie (1 frozen bananas, handful of berries, 1/4c almond milk, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder, spinach, and water)

Lunch: A veggie sandwich and a gluten free/vegan cupcake

Dinner: I had a coffee. (I know. Really healthy.)

I also kind of snacked mindlessly all day…which I am becoming violently mindful of as I have to review what I ate all day.

2. Today’s Blood Sugars (3-5 checks)

For those unaware, I am a type one diabetic, so I have to check my blood sugars…and sometimes I get a little…lazy. So that’s why it’s on the list.

  1. Morning: 197 (decent)
  2. Lunch: 98 (good 🙂 )
  3. Night: 298 (oops. No no!)

Not a great day for the numbers BUT…they were checked. So, a special pat on my chronic back.

3. What Exercise I did Today

I mentioned yesterday I wanted to keep it simple while my knee is recovering from getting hit by a truck (yeah, long story)…that being said my goal was to either walk and/or do yoga. Today I walked 2.2 miles to work and was on my feet from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. So I say…I was active enough for a bum knee. 🙂

4. How Much Water I Drank:

This is where  I was shocked at how hard it was. I am pretty good at drinking water…or so I thought. While I drink more than I think the average Joe does…I did not reach my goal of 12 cups…I got more like 9. So…not bad…but I think we can do better tomorrow!

5. 4 Step Review:

A.) My Wins- I think overall I had a pretty good day! I worked a 12 hour shift, walked to work, checked my blood sugars 3 times, drank 9 cups of water, ate fairly well, am currently keeping up on my blog challenge, fed the cats, had a delicious smoothie this morning, and kept fairly upbeat at work!

B.) My Gratitude’s- I am grateful for the rain we had today. Reminded me of a home away from home that I love very much.  I am grateful that I have the strength and health to walk to work. Thanks to Dad for unlocking my house after I locked myself out. (If I could insert an eye roll…do so here). 5-star chatted with me all day. I got 12 hours of work on the paycheck! I got a ride home from work which was very nice. Grateful for my little furry friends that greet me when I get home.

C.) What to Improve- I can work on keeping my blood sugars between 80-140. Be mindful of my snacking and how much water I am consuming. I can pack for lunch as to avoid eating out. I would like to wake up earlier so I don’t have such a rushed morning!

D.) Todos/Goals for Tomorrow-

Todos: I have another double tomorrow, so that will take up most of my day. I have the Friday blog of my M.W.F. Blogs that I post every week due tomorrow. I want to work on my coworkers Christmas presents and write out a budget for this next paycheck coming up so I don’t just mindlessly spend it. I also need to do the dishes and clean the litter boxes.

Goals: I want to have a mindful and grounded day tomorrow. Let’s get those blood sugars down and water intake up tomorrow! I want to have a happy and uplifting attitude tomorrow for both myself and my coworkers. Let’s have patience and kindness abundant in the morning!

If you would like to follow my weight loss/ fitness journey specifically and see all the food I make…follow my weight loss journey Instagram @thekayteableproject or my main Instagram @kayteable

That’s the blog review of the day kids! I hope you all have a fun, uplifting, and productive December. May the last days of 2019 bring what you want and help push you into 2020 with a head start. Chat with ya tomorrow!




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