Save Your Slice of the World.

It’s overwhelming to try and think of ALL the things we can do to help out the earth we all live on…so let’s start with five easy and simple things we can all do to help save our own little slices of the world.

5 Ways to Save the World

  1. Reusable bags. Occasionally, yes, I forget to bring my own bag…in which case I recycle the plastic bags I get at kitty litter bags or lunch sacks. (I know…amazing combo of examples.) But I leave reusable bags on my door handle and in my car…and keep one in my purse/bag of the day. Simple and small change that adds up. reusable-bag-2-e1567796813759-800x450.jpg
  2. Reusable Jars/ water bottles. Especially if you work in the food industry…the plastic cups add up. So bring a water bottle or container of your own to work, on errands, or out to coffee. If you are a daily coffee drinker…this small change can make a big difference. (Plus…having a container on you all the time can help you dink a lot more water!) water-bottles-top-2x1-lowres1024-01000.jpg
  3. Walking. Do the 1 mile or under challenge. Walk it. Don’t drive it. I understand being in a hurry. We are human. But if you can…use your legs instead of the wheels. It helps you get outside and get some fresh air. Yes, even in the winter. Walking has significantly improved my mood lately in the seasonal depression season that is upon us. Amazing what the “outside” can do for your health. 180219140519-walking-shoes-new-lead-super-tease.jpg
  4. Thrift. It’s the shopping season. So go thrifting. Not only do you get unique and original pieces…but you also save money and the environment by not adding to the wasteful fast fashion industry. Help the planet and yourself out by reusing rather that buying new! images (2).jpeg
  5. Quit Dairy. I am personally vegan…but you can always start by cutting out dairy in your coffees in the morning and replacing with a bit of coconut or oat milk. Or maybe getting rid of cheese in one of your meals. Also helps the body out during the cold season by not adding to the mucus farm that is your lungs. milk_.jpg

Is it the solution. No. But is it a start? Absolutely. Moving forward a little bit is better than not moving at all. What are you going to do today to save your slice of the world?


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    I like your mile and under rule. And I guess, since your van is crushed, you’re living the 10 mile or under rule.
    Important and practical examples. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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