Day 3: Better Late Than Never…

Hello! A day late on this one…but due to life’s distractions and lack of internet access…I didn’t post yesterday’s evaluation. If you have been following along…you know what’s going on…if not you can check out The Final 2019 Challenge …but essentially my goal is to blog every day for the rest of 2019…and check in on my goals. So without further ado…

My Review for Yesterday:

1. What I Ate:

I didn’t eat breakfast. Tsk. Tsk. I know. A BIG sandwich and bowl of veggie chili at work for lunch. And a bowl of soup and salad for dinner. I again…snacked all day. I need to work on that. And it’s silly to be writing that again.

2. My Blood Sugars:

If you didn’t already I am a type one diabetic and I need to check my blood sugars at least three times a day…and sometimes I suck at remembering…bit I did good!

Morning: 189   Lunch: 99   Dinner: 297  —–I want to be between 80-140. So I need to work on bolus-ing my insulin before meals to work on that. But I did good checking today!

3. Exercise:

Like I have said in the last two blogs…due to my knee injury… I am not doing any heavy lifting or hard cardio–but my goal is to either walk or do yoga. I walked to work and then pulled a 12 hour shift…my off brand fit-bit recorded 19,876 steps. So…not bad I would have to say.

4. Water

This is the goal that I struggled with the day previous…as I didn’t realize how little water I had gotten accustomed to drinking….but yesterday…I DOMINATED the water game. My goal is to drink 12 cups/ 96 oz. and I drank 14 cups/ 112oz. Killed it. A strong pat on the back.

5. My Four Step Daily Review:

a.) My Wins- I worked a 12 hour shift at work, walked to work, did a good close, drank lots of water, checked my blood sugars three times, and ate pretty decently.

b.) My Gratitudes- I am grateful to be healthy enough to get myself to work, we got lots of rain <3, I had a good day at work, I got to hang out with 5 Star and the kiddo, my kitties were very sweet to me today, and I got to eat lots of soup!

c.) What to Improve- I could work on not grazing so much during the day, work on bolus-ing before meals rather than after, and I would like to mediate and do yoga daily.

d.) Todos/Goals- I am not going to list this for yesterdays…as today is already done and over with and I feel that this would be overkill.

That is all for day three!I will be posting today’s review next! Otherwise, I will see you all tomorrow! I am still posting my M.W.F. blogs next week so stay tuned for that if you are not interested in the daily reviews! Feel free to check out last Friday’s blog:  Almost Unlimited Power . Have a great night!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para says:

    19,000+ steps on a bum knee?!?! I don’t know whether to worry about you or congratulate you! But I’ll go with congrats…that’s amazing! Great job!


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