Day 4: A Lazy Saturday

Hello everyone! Now that we are caught up, time to do today’s review! I had a pretty laid back and lazy Saturday today. I had a good time relaxin’ but today’s review on the goal side of things was pretty rough. So let’s get into it.

If you are jumping into today as a new person I am doing a Final 2019 Challenge (Feel free to check out the original blog). However, it is pretty self explanatory if you just continue reading the blog…but in summary…I am trying to do a daily review for the rest of the year to keep me on track so I am ready for the new year.

Today’s Review

1. What I ate today:

Breakfast/Lunch (As I woke up pretty late) was a good serving of hashbrowns we cooked up. I snacked on a little bit of candy and for dinner I had a BIG plate of broccoli with liquid aminos and sriracha. I ended the night with a cup of hot chocolate. I didn’t graze as much tonight, but as you can see I wasn’t exactly the healthiest.

Just exchanged bad habits I guess!

2. Blood Sugars:

Again, if you are new here, I am a type one diabetic so I need to check my blood sugars throughout the day. My goal is minimum three times and ideally they stay between 80-140…however, at the moment the habit of checking them and keeping them relatively reasonable is first priority.

Morning: 212   Lunch: 198   Night: 186—-so a bit on the higher side…but I got three checks in…so I am fairly happy about it. (This is what happens when you eat too much candy kids.

3. Exercise:

This is where I bombed the goals with the “lazy Saturday”. I did squat. I took like 2,000 steps today which is pathetic in comparison to my average 19,000-25,000 I do a day. So…I was a sloth today. I admit it.

4. Water:

I didn’t drink a whopping 112 oz/ 14 cups as I did yesterday…but I did make it just shy of my goal by drinking roughly 10 cups/ 80 oz today. So not too shabby.

5. Daily 4 Step Review

a.) My Wins- I drank a decent amount of water and I didn’t snack too much. I checked my blood sugar three times and I had a good time. Made some gifts for my coworkers and did my laundry. (I know, watch out. I am a grown woman).I also made it to my sister’s dance recital. She did awesome by the way. Thanks for asking.

b.) My Gratitudes- I am grateful to have a lazy Saturday. Got to hang out with 5 Star and the kiddo again this morning! Got to eat breakfast with them and hang out for the day. Got to make Christmas gifts for my friends/co-workers, and I got to see my family for the dance recital.

c.)What to Improve- Actually move my butt…and the rest of my body, preferably. Lower those blood sugars the best I can and drink a tad more water. 

d.) Todos/ Goals for Tomorrow- Clean up the house, feed the cats, make a grocery list, fold laundry, and organize bills.

Have a positive day, do yoga/meditate, journal, drink lot’s of water, and post Sunday’s and Monday’s blog.

That being said, I will see you all for Sunday’s review and I will be posting my usual “not me oriented” blog on Monday, so fear not if this is not what you want to be reading all the time. I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday night!


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  1. Para says:

    Glad the dance recital went well! Go go laundry girl! Taking it easy can be the best possible choice some days. And who is 5 star?

    Liked by 1 person

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