Day 5: Brendan Fraser

Alrighty, before we get to today’s review we need to talk about two things.

  1. Who else thought Brendan Fraser was the standard for men in his glory days?
  2. I would like to note that white boards are in fact remarkable. That is both a joke and a fact. Look it up.

If you are not aware of what this review is about check out The Final 2019 Challenge if you want a little background history. Otherwise it will be pretty self-explanatory if you just keep on reading. So without further ado…

Today’s Review

1. What I ate today:

Pleas note: Everything is gluten free and vegan.

Breakfast: a “cheese” quesadilla. (A healthy start I know.) Lunch: protein ball  Dinner: Jack in the box curly fries and a soda. I will likely make some soup or eat a spoonful of peanut butter later. But this information is not confirmed.

2. Blood Sugars:

If you don’t know I am a type one diabetic…meaning I have to check my blood sugars multiple times a day. My goal at the moment is at least three times a day and for them to range between 80-140. However, the checking them and correcting them is first priority at the moment.

Morning: 280 (oof, rough start) Lunch: 180 (coming down) Night: 297 (I…I don’t know)

It’s important to remind myself that sometimes the blood sugars do freaky things even if I bolus correctly. I wasn’t in range…but I tested three times…and I will try to narrow down those numbers.

3. Exercise: 

After I post this 5 Star and I are going to do yoga and meditate so that will be the exercise of the day.

4. Water I Consumed:

I did not do well with today’s water consumption. I drank a lot of soda. Pooped on that goal.

5. The 4 Step Review:

a.) Today’s Wins- I checked my blood sugars, cleaned up my house, groomed the cats, played with the kids, drove up to Mt. Home, and will be doing yoga in a hot minute.

b.) Gratitudes– I got to hang out with the kids, the parents, and Grandma. (They are doing well, thanks for asking. ) Got to hang out with 5 star and the little one and have a nice conversation up to Mt. Home. Got to go on part of my favorite drive that leads to my favorite place in the world. Got to have fun eating some curly fries and a nice relaxing night.

c.) What to Improve- I could work on keeping my blood sugars in range, drink a ton more water, and…of course eat better. (Que: “But it was the weekend I was relaxing” excuse). Well, tomorrow in Monday so no more excuses. I have that written on the internet now. No backing out.

d.) Todos/ Goals- I have another double to tackle tomorrow, give out Christmas Presents I made on Day 3, cats, clean up, and post Monday’s Main Page Blog.

I want to have a positive attitude and have a productive day tomorrow.

That is all for today’s blog. Let me know about Brendan Fraser guys. It’s important. I can’t be the only one. See ya tomorrow!


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  1. Para Sakti says:

    Abort. Abort. I thought I could edit out my butt ugly comment after the fact… but I don’t see an edit feature. So… Yeah… I said that. Sorry Brendon.


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