Day 6: 13,431 Steps

A quick review today as I have just got off a double and I am opening in the morning. If you are new here to the daily review, feel free to check out The Final 2019 Challenge or continue reading, as it is pretty self explanatory.

The Review

1. What I ate Today:

Breakfast: I had some oatmeal. Lunch was a bowl of veggie chili. Dinner was a veggie sandwich and a salad. I snacked a little but stayed pretty good.

2. Blood Sugars:

Morning:  198     Lunch: 204     Dinner: 96

3. Exercise:

I walked around all day at work (13,431 steps) and I will be doing yoga after I post this)

4. Water Goal:

I drank little to no water today like a monster.

5. My Four Step Review

My Wins-

I worked a double, I have my coworkers their Christmas presents, I checked my blood sugars three times, I am writing this blog at the moment, I am going to do yoga, and I ate pretty good!

My Gratitudes-

I got a ride to work, I got to hang out with 5 Star, I got to make a few people smile at work today, my cats, and I got to talk to my momma.

What to Improve-

I can DRINK WATER, lower my blood sugars, and eat more greens.

Goals/ Todos for Tomorrow-

Open at work, eat healthy, clean up the house, feed the cats, pay bills, and make a grocery list.

I want a happy and encouraging day, let’s have a productive day at work! Do yoga and drink lots of water!

That is the short review of the night I will see you all tomorrow!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    That’s sweet that you talk to your momma!


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