Selling Cognitive Dissonance-Why we are inconsistent.

cognitive dissonance

Author: kayteable

Just a diabetic vegan trying to survive.

4 thoughts on “Selling Cognitive Dissonance-Why we are inconsistent.”

  1. Great article.
    Maybe the win for your mind would be finding a farm or dairy in your area that is truly very kind to animals and where the owners have no objections to letting you view the animals as well as their feeding and care practices at any time. Owners that will answer any questions with answers that don’t give you cognitive dissonance.
    I like my local organic goat cheese on my salads.

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    1. I think that is a great point! Personally for me, I don’t want to use or exploit animals for personal uses. However, I respect that you are supporting local business and making sure the animals are treated kindly.


  2. And good job for exposing cognitive dissonance as a concept. It’s very real. I’ve certainly experienced in more than one area of my life. Thanks for bringing it to light.

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