Day 11&12: I am back and half alive

Welcome back kiddos. Guess who is sick and killin it? Yep that’s me. But it looks like I am going  to be feeling gross for a while so I can’t use it as an excuse to not post blogs anymore.

To change it up I will review my day’s goals…but rather in a list format…let’s just sit down, have a cup of joe, tea, or hot chocolate and chat.

Yesterday was very chaotic I worked a twelve hour shift and didn’t have much room for any extra activities. I walked to 20,139 steps and drank all 12 cups of water that was my goal. I also checked my blood sugars three times and the one bad thing was that I really didn’t eat except for a smoothie that morning.

Today was also chaotically busy but in a more…”work” related sort of way. Thanks to some helpful family members I was able to knock grocery shopping, get things for the fur kids (Gimli and Chonk), and final Christmas shopping off my list. That being said, I did check myself three times, ate…a smoothie and a lot of potatoes, and drank little to no water.

For today, that is the short but sweet two day review. I will see you tomorrow with a full review and get ready for Monday…because we have a new Minimalism blog is coming up!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Wowza! 20k+ steps! For a sick one, it sounds like you sure accomplished a lot!!


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