Day 13: I cleaned my whole house.

Late review tonight so we are not messing around. If you want a backstory you are more than welcome to read that in The Final 2019 Challenge but otherwise it is pretty self explanatory if you keep on reading on.

Today’s Overview

1. What I ate today: ( All is vegan and gluten free.)

Breakfast: the father made me hashbrowns and they were delicious. Lunch: I food prepped today so I ate some of that which was baked potato, vegan butter, fresh tomatoes, and pepper. I know a lot of potatoes today. Dinner: I ate some brown rice, tomato, green beans, and avocado verde. Weird combo. Not bad. Would,’t go out of my way to make it again.

2. Blood Sugars:

Three checks: Morning-114  Lunch- 198  Dinner-68

3. Exercise

As it is Sunday I am going to say that rearranging and cleaning my house from top to bottom will count as my exercise. If you disagree feel free to try and sue me. It will not hold up in court.

4. Water

I drank roughly 6 cups of water. So half my goal. Busy bee needs to drink more water so she can busy pee. Am I right? No? that is fair.

5. A shortened version of my 4 step daily review

wins- I cleaned my house and played with the cats all day!

gratitudes- I got to hang out with my family this morning, I was feeling well enough to be able to clean and move, I got to visit 5 star before work and I got to hang out with Miss Chonk and Mr. Gimli today.

What to improve- drink water

Todos tomorrow- double at work tomorrow, pack food for work, pay bills, yoga, and meditation.

Thanks for coming to check out the blog today! I wish you success in all your daily activities and I hope you all have a great night/ day/morning.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Para Sakti says:

    Looks like your blood sugars are more in your ideal range…so congrats!!
    My favorite part was the bit about “playing with your cats.” Me too, me too.


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