10 Things To Pack When Traveling So You Hate Your Life a Little Less

Listen, you may be a champ and remember everything when packing for a trip…but if you are like me…you forget the little stuff that makes life a little more comfortable when on the road or flying. These are not particularly things you HAVE TO HAVE. They are just helpful in my personal opinion.

So, for today’s blog here are 10 things to pack when traveling so you hate your life a little less:

  1. Headphones. It’s easy to forget, since they are not particularly a necessity, however, once you are walking trying to listen to google directions…they are helpful to look like you know where your going and keep your eyes free to keep a watch out. Long waits at the airport, you can enjoy videos or music….yada yada. They are useful…and very expensive to buy while in an airport…so pack your own.
  2. Small Blanket or Hoodie. You can use them for intended purposes…but also as a last resort pillow. spending the night at the airport? Nice. Sleeping in the front seat of your car for a break. Extra nice. It can fit in your backpack and have multiple uses.
  3. Pen. You can doodle. Jot down notes. It’s just a nice thing to have on hand.
  4. Deodorant, Tooth brush, and Toothpaste. Listen…I know you all (hopefully) put these in your main bag…but squished on a flight or carpooling can get…stinky…so don’t be that person.
  5. Reusable Water Bottle. Hey, have you ever bought water at an airport? It’s like equivalent to a mansion in Beverly Hills…so having one on ya is helpful. And…it’s easier to remember to stay hydrated.
  6. Reusable Bag. At least when I am traveling, walking around shops, going through the airport…you tend to collect things…maybe not a lot but having a bag to keep your hands free is helpful.
  7. SNACKS! It’s something I sometimes forget…and it’s quite upsetting. airport and gas station food is pricey…and going out adds up…so having some good snacks or food packed is a lifesaver, you know what’s in it, and saves you money.
  8. Feminine Products. If you have a period…pack em. I don’t care if it’s not that time of the month…things happen that are un-explainable. Bring them. That is all I have to say.
  9. Charger. I always forget. Just thought I would remind ya.
  10. Cash. I know it’s the age of cards…but sometimes…there is a problem and cash is very helpful more often than you think.

These might have been fairly obvious….but, it’s usually the obvious things that slip the mind when it has a million things going on. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


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