Deep Breath

“Deep. Breath.

My sunken deep into the muddy earth as heavy rain streamed from the skies, chilling me to the bone. My brown, messy curls spilled messily atop my head, water collecting into soft drops that landed beside my warm tears on my cheeks. 


The bloody shade billowed in my chest, rage threatening to rip through my flesh and stain the dark earth before me with it’s unforgivable pigment. Only seconds pass before the red turns into a sea of purple, reeking of sadness. The fury is buried, swallowed by loneliness that is carried by the plooms of purple, no longer threatening to escape the cage of ribs. But rather, is replaced with a new threat, perhaps one that’s more dangerous that the one it replaces. It’s heaviness hangs, threatening to collapse the lungs that keep me alive. 



Yep. Another snippet of writing. Enjoy.