What They Didn’t Teach Me.

“They taught us a lot of things. From how to crawl to how to tie your running shoes. How to win and how to be happy even if we lose. They taught us how to read , how to write, how to draw a little kite. Taught us the difference from what is wrong and what is right. 

But how to say goodbye to someone you love wasn’t in the lesson plan. How to feel when the world turns upside down didn’t fit in between math and English class. They didn’t tell you about the days you want to scream but the lump in your throat causes you to merely squeak. Life sure brought to light all they didn’t teach you.

They taught you how to water flowers and how to manage your hours. How to work, how to play, when to stay quiet or when to say something funny. Taught us how to pay the bills, how to save your money. They suggested to us that tea is good with milk and honey. 

But how to heal a broken heart never came up. They told us love was hard but forgot to mention how it can leap from your grasp, out of control, towards people and things that don’t quite fit. How to start from square one for the hundredth time was never shown nor was the feeling of being alone. They forgot to mention the world has it’s lessons that they couldn’t ever teach you. 

They taught us how to be and how to act. Why family is important and how honesty in relationships makes an impact. They taught us what they could, I owe them the world. When it’s time to hold back and times to be bold. 

But I just wish they would have warned me about what they didn’t teach me. “


It was on my mind, what I wasn’t taught in school or at home. What I am learning from being a human being who loves and hurts. We are all going through a lot right now, the world is pretty messy. In the midst of chaos I am trying to adjust to changes in my life that are difficult to digest.

I figured maybe me sharing a little bit of my thoughts could be useful to those going through something similar. So here are some thoughts I have been having lately. Enjoy…hopefully something is useful.

  1. Rediscovering yourself and who you are is an endless journey. We learn, we grow, we change. Sometimes we regress, feel off, and rage. I am trying to be patient with myself in my little personal journey and I am learning that is easier said than done.
  2. Sometimes the people we love don’t fit in the places in your life you wish they did. Love is fleeting but sometimes your life at the moment isn’t on board…and this is unbearably annoying and heartbreaking.
  3. Remembering to honor the love you feel even when you move on or shift relationships can slip our minds when we are too busy with the placement or actions around it. Stopping to just be grateful for what you have and/or had is so important no matter how busy you are.
  4. Taking time and processing how you feel is okay. Even if it’s bumpy.
  5. Knowing what you want is a lot harder than it sounds. Living how you want when you don’t know where you are going or what your doing is even harder.

I just wanted to share that it’s okay if you are temporarily not. Just remember: everything happens for a reason. Doors close and new ones open. People change including you. And one day you will feel alright again. We just got to be patient with ourselves, with others, and try not to judge. Just try to remind yourself to stay open to new possibilities and be ready to take a leap of faith that what meant to be will be. What’s meant to go will go. And we will all be where and who we are meant to be eventually.


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  1. Para says:

    Well this was pure poetry. Incredible writing. Incredible depth and insight. Reading this made me feel like you’re a hero (as always) for me even if you don’t know what you’re doing… Cuz neither do I. Acknowledgement of the inner turmoil and the reminder of acceptance is validating for me as I hope sharing it was therapeutic for you.

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