Many of us don’t know what it is to live. To take in a deep breath and feel the oxygen bring life to every cell in your body. Most of us are most familiar with survival. Where the breaths are shallow with lungs that are longing for air. 

Most of us think that surviving is normal. It’s what’s always been. Forgetting that smiling without effort or that walking without the weight of the world crushing you is even a possibility. That surviving was never meant to be the end result, but nearly the first step in living. Towards effortless laughter and comfortable nights. 

Many of us were taught that we always get what was coming to us. That every scrape and bump was deserved, not merely an accident or misunderstanding. Most taught that survival was all that mattered, that it proved strength, endurance, and wit. Living was merely a fairy tale meant for the upper class and the beautiful. That survival meant we’re lucky, that happiness was weak and dreams were meant to be for the nighttime hours. 

But I’m tired of surviving. Barely hanging to the ledge with my fingertips. Tired of my plans made with thin boards breaking under the weight of reality. Tired of my story’s harder or you’ve suffered longer. Tired of waiting for my chance to come as I watch the opportunities flash past me. 


Is boring. Lack’s color and passion. 

It loses meaning through the years.


It may be for you. But no longer me. 

It’s time to start living. To be curious and brave. 

It’s time to take chances before I get to my grave. 

For a life of surviving was necessary once. 

But now it’s time for a new chapter to start.

Because hey, what the hell?

We only live once.

A piece of writing inspired by a conversation with a friend. It wasn’t meant to be taken so seriously but it made me remember that it’s exhausting living by the code of survival. Where happiness is not a priority per say. But not suffering as much as we did once was good enough.

That if we are comfortable we were happy not stopping to see if we are even comfortable with the reality of happiness. That sometimes it’s easier to grit through the day knowing how it will end rather that taking chances on an unknown path.

I don’t pretend to know the secret of how to leave the bad habit behind. I’m still working on it myself. But I’m curious how you feel about how to approach life. Is it more important to survive and be safe from unknown destinies? Or is taking a risk or having 5 seconds of courage the answer to start living? How do you balance it?

That;s just what is on my mind tonight. I hope you’re all living and that you have a good night.


(All writing and cover art belongs to Kayteableblogs.)

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  1. Para says:

    When every fantasy is crushed… A surprise begins to emerge… That the reality loving us in that very moment is FAR BETTER than any fantasy ever was or could be. I’ve just recently had my eyes opened to this and I’m so grateful. Reality is far greater than survival, it’s the breath of life, the living water, the peace behind the noise.
    Great topic!!

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