Importance of Understanding

Art done my me! 🙂 Practicing digital art.

Today’s lesson I learned is about the importance of understanding.

While it is a given that understanding is key to learning, growing, and in general knowing how to exist…the actual importance of understanding implicated in relationships, teamwork, feelings, etc. is in my experience, very underrated.

Specifically today I saw the importance of understanding within the “work” realm at my job. How understanding how people work, how they think, how they are feeling that day effects their productivity, their interactions with customers, and how they work together as a unit.

I have been given the opportunity to have a shift lead position at work. Which means, my role in being a team member is more weighted as people with rely on my answers, my help, and my understanding even more than just as a sandwich maker. I am nervous and excited…and more importantly I don’t want to ever forget the importance of understanding the humans that make our team. That I always try to take and extra second to check on how their day is going before judging a situation. That I can be productive, manage, and also connect with everyone I work with.

This lesson is equally, if not more important to be transferred to home. To my friends and family…to the people the are just in my space at the store or driving next to me on the road. To maintain the goal of understanding will lead to better communication, to better relationships with those close to me, and a better relationship with the humans and experiences around me.

Lastly: The need to be understood needs to be equivalent with the need to understand.

That is my thought of the day. My personal lesson and reminder of the day I should say.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.


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  1. Para says:

    I was just working with a crew today myself and at first, I didn’t even think about getting to know them because I just was focused on the productivity of the work getting done as fast (and therefore as cheaply as possible). Then the human side of me kicked into gear. I asked their names, asked about their day, and after we had a few laughs, the work was done with more ease, more fluidity, and it didn’t take but a moment to create a fun/healthy work environment for them. It made a huge difference for all of us than if I had just pressured them to hurry up and get the job done. So, point is, I agree with you and this article was an important reminder for me.
    Glad you care about your team. Wish we could clone many more of you.

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    1. kayteable says:

      Good to hear you are also aware of the importance of understanding those around you!


  2. Para says:

    Your digital artwork is gorgeous!!

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  3. Arlene Skeem says:

    Human relationships are most important, for sure. Your workers are lucky that you know & are practicing that!! I’m proud of you, Kayte! Enjoyed your pictures. Been a while since I’ve seen you. hugs, hugs!


    1. kayteable says:

      Miss you Gramalene! Love you and thank you !


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