Sometimes It’s Okay To Be Wrong…and try again.

I like to have control. That’s a pretty well known fact from those who know me. While..independence and stubborness can be a good quality…if definitely has it’s faults…especially when you need help.

I struggle with an array of medical issues, allergies, and balancing that with my mental health as well can be a challenge. Asking for help with those things for me personally can be even harder. (It’s the hard head.)

That being said, over the years I have taken it upon myself to take care of everything: BY MYSELF and try to fix things: BY MYSELF. But…as much as it grinds my gears…(and don’t tell anyone) but I need help. “With what?” you may ask…well do I have some of the answers for you. Don’t you worry.

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1.I have Type 1 Diabetes…which is a handful by itself. It requires you to be mindful of EVERYTHING you ingest, you have to track your blood sugars, your insulin injections, take into consideration with each bolus what your eating…combined with how much activity I had that day…(or lack of it. Very manageable…but it’s a lot.

How do I ask for help with it? Well, I have personally been against pumps and sensors…which takes a lot of the numbers game off of my chest…but I never liked the idea of having something that screamed: MY PANCREAS IS BROKEN! at me all the time. But that’s in my head…and I am at the point…where I don’t want to have the full load of worrying all the time on me. So…I am getting a pump/sensor to help me.

A small step for mankind…a big step for Kayte.

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2. My body hurts. Bones ache. The joints creak. A lot sometimes. While some of that is out of my control…I got lazy on consistent exercise, yoga, and taking care and notice on how I am feeling.

I hate asking for help on starting a new habit…or restarting an old habit…becuase I should be able to do it on my own right? WRONG! Of course, it is on me to be motivated to do these things…but starting a new habit is hard! So, I asked…(she also lovingly decided) my sister to help me and remind me to stick to an early wake up schedule to take time to exercise and do yoga! Thanks kiddo!

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3. I struggle with emotional eating which leads to me struggling with my weight. It is my personal go to coping mechanism to deal with stress, sadness, etc. While I have come a long way…it’s really hard moniter that all the time by myself.

In combination to this…the way I eat effects my allergies, my diabetes, and my noggin’.

So, I am starting a new program that aligns with all my eating specialties and babysits me on my food intake. A kick starter to new habits, better blood sugars, and just generally feeling better.

It was hard for me to choose this over just controlling it all myself…but as I said…I am kind of over doing everything on my own. I…*deep breath* need help…so I am finally getting it.


What could you take from all of this? How to be a diabetic? Nah. Just that even if you have believed something for years or been independant to the bone forever…it’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to shift plans.

Just make it right by trying again.

That is all I have for tonight. Thanks for tuning into this week’s: Kayte is Trying to Get Her Life Together Saga. Have a good night!


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  1. Para says:

    It takes great strength to ask for help. Good for you. Getting a team of great/supportive people around you is really important for anyone but especially important when you are juggling fireballs, you want a bystander near with some water right!?!?

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  2. Arlene says:

    Kayte, You’ve carried way too much for way too long. I’m proud of you for asking for assistance. It’s a brave step to ask for assistance. I’m far away, but my prayers are with you. Even us “oldies” have to ask for help, (after we get over our stobornness !!) Keep your resolve! xoxox

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