Day 1: Starting Over Again.


Hello everyone. The rest of this blog is about my personal experience today in working towards my health goals. But I want to take a moment to remind you of the importance of supporting our brothers and sisters of color during these trying times. Please take time to research, donate, PEACEFULLY protest, or contribute in anyway you can. My thoughts are with you and I don’t want to take time away or distract from important current events. Here is a link to educate or support The Black Lives Matter Movement.Β  ThankΒ  you. Now onto the blog.

Day 1: Starting Over Again

A digital doodle off my laptop. πŸ™‚

Changes in the present, no matter how big or small impact the consequences good and bad in the future.

Today, was a day of research and preparing for my self developement and progress both mentally and physically. I am currently reading a resource called Stop. Challenge. Choose. by a Dr. A. provided by my health coach.

In today’s reading I covered the heavy question of: Are you where you want to be? As well as Am I content with my life now if I died tomorrow. Clearly, as I am currently reading about how to get my life together and how to work on improving my way of life…I am not.

These questions struck a stonger cord today, not only becuase I am looking for change but becuase of the state of the world. I don’t know what the future holds so putting off my goals and desires seem less than satisfactory.

I completed a little health evaluation that covered mental, physical, and financial health…and my overall score was: Poor Health. So, that may sound like bad news…which yes, it is. But it is also good news becuase I am now aware of where I am at and I am on a path to improve them.

I read about the importance of breath. That yes, we all breath as an automatic response to not die…but taking time to be aware of your breath, to inhale deeply and become grounded in the present is good to connect to your nervous system and calm yourself and your worries.

Lastly, I read about the process of change and the butterfly affect. Which is a theory that even small initial differences may lead to small unforseen differences/consequences in the future…which is what I started this blog off with.

That is what I worked on and thought about today. πŸ™‚ These little update blogs will be to help me keep track of what I learned or did today and hopefully share little nuggets of knowledge with you all.

If you want to track or keep up with my progess you can follow me on my health journey/weightloss page on Instagram. It’s the same on I have shared before but I changed the name…so if you are interested you can follow kayteable.loves.plants.

That is all for the night. Hope you all have a wonderful night, stay safe, and remember what and who is important in these trying times of 2020. Talk to you later. πŸ™‚


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  1. Para says:

    Every day CAN BE a clean slate, a fresh canvas. Every moment can be as well. So cheers to you for using one of our precious moments to refresh and start over. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œ

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