Physical Health?

Hello. Quick little blog today. I am a part of a program I joined in an attempt to grow and take the next step to my health and life in general. Here are some questions I had to ask myself. I obviously can’t share every step to the program as they are a business…but I can share key points. So…hopefully these make you think a little. 🙂

I hope everyone is feeling well, safe, and doing their part to be an active and educated part of their communities. May we all grow and become a better version of ourselves today so we have a better tomorrow.

Cheers. Drink some water. Here are the questions and answers. Have a good night.


How competent are you at managing your weight? Capable? Yes. Competent…yes…but I struggle to apply tools to manage my weight in a way I would like.

How much energy do you have through out the day? Depends. Most days I feel sluggish and lack motivation to do much outside of mandatory tasks.

What kind of food are you putting into your body? When I am not regulated…absolute garbage.

What is your level of activity each day and do you exercise? I am fairly active in my job and ss of this moment, I have not added additional exercise. I PLAN of it…want to do yoga in the morning…but a fully honest answer I haven’t in a minute.

Do you get a good restful night’s sleep? Nope. I am writing this at 3am…I struggle to shut my head off in a timely matter.

How good are you at handling stress? And have you evaluated the potential hazards in your world? Depends…if it is something outside of myself…yes. I handle stress well. If it is a…”all consequenses or results land on Kayte” kind of stress…I struggle. Yes…sometimes hazards…appear harmless though. So maybe I should reevaluate.

Have you removed unhealthy food from your work place and home? Yes! I did do that :).

Do you get medical check ups and maintain yourself? Yes….and for the most part I keep myself alive.


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  1. Para says:

    Great job being honest, and caring enough about yourself to take positive steps forward for your health/sleep/wellbeing.

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