43 Things Dad Taught Me- Happy Birthday

Good Morning-It’s the day after my dad’s birthday, but I figured it’s never too late for appreciation. I won’t write a whole long paragraph so you don’t have to read longer than you have to Dad, so here is a list–of 43 things you taught me. Happy Birthday!

  1. How to dress for the mountains–took a few trips but you got it into my thick skull…maybe.
  2. Unconditional love.
  3. How to make hash browns–not too mushy..not too burnt.
  4. How to light a match without screaming
  5. How to be patient when you just want to to blow up
  6. Forgiveness.
  7. That sometimes a hug is more comforting that the perfect words to speak.
  8. How to draw Uncle Dave.
  9. A few peculiar lines in Spanish.
  10. How to sleep through any movie.
  11. How to summarize/ narrate Harry Potter in the most horrific of ways.
  12. How to take care of my diabetes.
  13. How to math. At least the basics.
  14. The importance of hard work.
  15. How to be stronger than you feel.
  16. Stability.
  17. Which shoe goes on which foot-we sometimes got it right.
  18. Why laughing is so important.
  19. Family is important.
  20. How to cut a steak…even though I don’t use that skill anymore.
  21. How to be a sarcastic little potato.
  22. Shake hands when you meet people.
  23. Stand tall and brave—even in the face of things you fear the most.
  24. Staying home can be just as fun as adventuring outside.
  25. Enjoy the little things—morning cartoons with you are one of my favorite memories.
  26. You have attempted to teach me the basics of football—I may never grasp it. But I appreciate your time in teaching me.
  27. How to throw a ball and swing a bat. I ended up a pretty good softball player.
  28. That not every field is growing parsley.
  29. Keep your promises.
  30. How to turn on a grill.
  31. How to get the most out of a refillable soda at a restaurant.
  32. Good food can make a good day.
  33. Kindness is not always spoken but seen through actions.
  34. Instructions are for losers.
  35. How to make a sturdy Dixon sandwich
  36. How to multi-task in the kitchen
  37. Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack really bops.
  38. Lettuce is a good topping in a salad.
  39. How to make the best stir fry in the world.
  40. How to laugh from the gut.
  41. How to walk—could have taught me balance.
  42. Nothing make you laugh more as a small child than getting squished against the couch without escape in a tickle fight.
  43. How to be a human being. I could’ve definitely turned out a lot worse.

Love you Dad.