Why I Have 3 Journals

My brain is a wildly disorganized place to exist-so I like to write it down on paper to make everything more manageable. But last month or so I noticed that my journal was as messy as my head—so began my time of experimenting what would work for me to feel organized and keep my mind decluttered.

Everybody is different- so this system is completely personal- but I wanted to share it so maybe it will inspire some form of organization for you just as KOZE did for me with one of her  blogs about getting organized. You should check it out. 🙂

  KOZE’s Blog: 15 Ways to Become More Organized.

So I have three journals:

  1. The Note Book- this is where I put all my notes from blogs I read, research highlights, and just any and all–notes.
  2. The Goal/Todo Journal: it’s a simple and dry journal with just lists. It’s not cluttered or mixed with feelings. It is simply-a book full of check marks.
  3. The Feelings Journal- This one I use like I would assume most people use their journals. I talk about my day, how I am feeling, my struggles and my gratitudes.

Like I said this is a personal system and in no way is what I suggest for everyone. However-what I do suggest for everyone: ORGANIZATION.

I used to despise organization because it seems restrictive, like a waste of time, and just…not for me. But that is a lie because I thought it would be more work to stay organized than it is to be chaotic…and sometimes that is true…it takes a little more effort upfront. However, in the long run, it saves you time, it saves you that feeling of chaos inside, it saves you energy.

So if you take anything from this blog find something that makes you feel a little bit organized. It doesn’t have to be much-but whether it be mentally (like my journal system), physically (sort out your room), or spiritually (create a system in place to take time for spiritual growth)….get organized.

That is all for tonight. I would live to hear ways you stay organized or perhaps goals for yourself for organization in the future in the comments. Hope everyone has a great night!


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  1. Para says:

    I love your ideas. Great tips and suggestions to try.
    My FAVORITE for lists is a habit tracker… Life changing for me.
    I also have a notebook for mind-scribbles and rambling feelings.

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