Notice the little changes…

Tonight, while I was reviewing my day…at first I was disappointed in myself. I had meal prepped last night in hopes I would stick to a super healthy and yummy day of eating. However, as the day wore on…I got stressed and well…I snacked on things I didn’t particularly want to. EVEN THOUGH I HAD PRE-MADE MEALS AND SNACKS.

But then…

I wondered why would I write up my day as a fail…when:

My goal today was to check my blood sugars three times and take my fast acting and slow acting insulin. I checked my blood sugars 5 times…and took all my insulin.

My goal today was to wake up early and go to the gym before work…I woke up early and showed up at the gym before work.

My goal today was to drink 90 oz of water…I got down 60…

My goal was to eat perfectly today….and I just messed up dinner.

The point of me writing this blog today was to notice the little changes. A year ago…a month ago…hell…even a week ago…I would have written up my whole day as a fail…and struggled to try again tomorrow.

But today…I noticed…it wasn’t a fail. It was improvement…and that in itself…is a change. So today…I meal prepped again. I am setting up goals for tomorrow…again. And I am not letting my small errors of today erase the small changes for tomorrow.

I don’t know what you will want to take from this…but I hope it’s that you realize today that you are way closer to your goals today than you were yesterday…and you’ll be even closer tomorrow if you keep at it.

And remember: Notice the little changes.


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  1. Arlene Skeem says:

    Good for you. Most of us are too hard on ourselves. A lot of little things add up to BIG accomplishments! Keep on, keeping on!


  2. Para says:

    What a fabulous insight! So proud of you for all the tiny, little, or huge progress you make. Sometimes even two steps back can end up with you leaping forward because of it. Nice.


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