A Very Human Experiment-An Update

SO- It took a hot minute-I know. But I finally have things untangled in my brain and on paper well enough to share with you. That being said…I’ll get on with my plan for this personal experiment. 

There will be 3 parts: Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritual Health. Each part will be focusing on different goals for 30 days-totaling as a 90 day experiment. Today’s blog will be covering the first part-Physical Health spanning over the month of September. I am personally trying to tackle each part in order of difficulty for myself personally-starting with the easiest, as to not discourage myself. Of course, taking care of your mental and spiritual health is important during this time as well-it just won’t be my main focus. Now-without further ado, let’s get into the breakdown of these next 30 days. 

My Main Daily Goals: 

  1. Checking and Regulating my blood sugars- I want a weekly BG average at somewhere between 126-190. This will bring my A1C down to a 7 (Which to all you non-type one diabetics, is pretty good 😉 )
  2. Having a healthy, balanced, plant-based diet.
  3. Having some form of healthy movement- the gym, yoga, or just actively adventuring outside will all do. Just no couch potatoes. 
  4. Hydration- Drinking at LEAST 90oz water a day-up to 120 oz is my ideal goal.
  5. Working in my Life Book (a book I got on life improvement on overall health) daily. 
  6. Journaling how I feel, how I did good, and what I can improve on for the following day. 

Goals for the Overall Month:

  1. Improve my overall physical health.
  2. Read one book (This is to help with my mental health by actively engaging in a hobby I enjoy, while not stressing daily about it.)
  3. Lose roughly 10 pounds-although this again is not my main focus…it would be a nice indication I am in the right direction. 
  4. I would like my Monday Blogs to be a weekly update on how I am doing to keep me motivated and on track…as well as letting you in on this little experiment. 🙂 
  5. Post on @kayteable.loves.plants-my Instagram page about my health journey…again to motivate myself as well as maybe show others you can struggle but still get where you want to be if you put your mind to it.

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  1. Para says:

    You go girl!!!!!! Rooting for you!! What a great example you are for all of us!!

    Liked by 1 person

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