Warning- This is a Life Update

So it is October, which means that part one of The Very Human Experiment and onto part two. But before we move forward, it’s always best to re-evaluate the past, even briefly. Its the best way to know where you are at, where to start, and how to move forward. That being said-let’s do a review over the last month.

Part one’s goals were all about physical health and to be honest…I didn’t do great. But-I never gave up.which if you have been reading my blog for a long time you know that it is a bad habit of mind. I Kept going back to my goals…and that in itself is a huge improvement and I am very proud of myself. This was the whole point of this experiment…was for it to be very flawed…very human…and to make improvements. And my improvement I have made didn’t meet my physical expectations…but in fact was an improvement on my terrible quitting habit.

The one goal I did absolutely nail was reading one book. This month I read a book called Graceling. My best friend had suggested I read it about three years ago and, yes, I just got to it. It was good. Not really my specific taste in a book…but interesting anyway.

So-That was the update on the experiment. I will be posting October’s/part two of The Very Human Experiment in my next blog, but this was all I have for tonight. Thanks for reading and sticking with me. Hope you all have a good morning.


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  1. Arlene says:

    Love you for really trying! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Enjoyed the visit recently!! Looking hopeful.:)

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  2. Para says:

    I agree with the previous commenter. Keep going! Great job! You’re encouraging me by continuing your journey too!

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