A Very Human Experiment

A Very Human Experiment

I am planning on doing something I am categorizing as: A Very Human Experiment. Essentially  meaning it will be more about the human process of undergoing life changes than being scientific in nature. 

In the past- whenever I try to “reboot” my life- I aim primarily towards the eating/exercise aspect of my life…and this time I am attempting a different approach. I had the “aha” moment today that perhaps I should stop doing the same thing and expect different results. 

This time, my attempt will be a full 100% but more balanced approach. Where I will be trying to tackle all areas at once and putting all my focus and attention towards my goals–rather than treating my life and health as two separate things. 

I have recently joined a program that makes you analyze every aspect of your life rather than just diet and exercise. It’s making me realize that while, yes, diet and exercise play a huge role in a healthier lifestyle…EVERYTHING you do plays a role. While I knew that…when it’s not on the forefront of your mind it is easier to forget I suppose. 

That being said–I won’t make this blog much longer so I will go into more details of the full plan as I tackle it but here are the areas of my life I am taking into consideration and deciding how I want to improve and grow in those areas. 

  1. Environment 
  2.  Peers/People I surround myself with
  3. Diet/Hydration
  4. Sleep Schedule
  5. Movement/ Exercise
  6. Morning/Evening Routines
  7. Hobbies
  8. My Emotional Boundaries and Coping Mechanisms 
  9. My Entertainment/Social Media Presence
  10. My Vibrations/Attitude/Connections 

I will be posting hopefully my progress, struggles, etc on here as I go along…but this is what is on my mind and what is in the works on my end. Hope everyone is safe and well. It’s a tough world out there right now…take care of yourselves. Chat with you when I have an update.