The Addict

5 Minutes a Day Journal Prompt: Everyone is addicted to something or someone. Write about addiction. Your own or one your effected by. Or write a short story sprouted from your imagination.

“According to the very dependable source wikipedia: addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences.

When we do things for the little high or satisfaction even if the damage far outweighs the reward. We all have a brain disorder all varying in severity. For some overeating or sipping a soda scratches the itch where for others a handful of illegal activity or a constant strain on the heart strings are needed to fill the void.

Many of us-including myself- can hide that we are addicts when it isn’t alcohol or drugs in our hands. But it’s a lie I keep telling myself every time I find myself reaching for my phone with an overwhelming need for a reply or find myself filling my cup with the fifth cup of coffee that doesn’t even make my head buzz anymore…just hushes it.

I need distraction from feeling alone…or too crowded. I need a distraction from the problems I have created by procrastination or impulsive decisions. Sometimes the endless thoughts pinging in my skull need to shut up and I have a lack of energy, time, or tools to face them head on.

So, I might not be drunk at 10 am or snorting drugs in the bathroom at a party, but I’m addicted to avoiding myself so somebody put in me in rehab along with the rest of ya. ”

Behold-my lackadaisical thoughts. I want to stay inspired to write so I downloaded an app that gives me journal prompts daily. Today I found the prompt interesting as it brought up the fact that we all have an addict inside each and every one of us. What’s important to note:

  1. This doesn’t take away from the struggle that comes with being addicted to substances as it has harsher consequences. Just merely thought provoking.
  2. Maybe the prompt can bring a level of understanding to people outside of us. When addictions are more obvious than our own it’s easier to place judgment…but we are all guilty of using things outside of ourselves to cope with things we aren’t ready to.
  3. May we all become a little more self-aware. It’s the first step in self-growth and self-improvement.

That is all for the day. I hope you all have a good day and may we all get addicted to getting our crap together.