Knock, Knock

Thursday-July 16. 2020

Prompt: Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul and you answer.”  Star Richés

“I find myself waiting for a knock on my door, someone to take me away from my troubles and worries. Something to make my life more colorful, more beautiful, less drab. I find myself feeling bored with the ordinary, craving the extraordinary, but it’s not on the plate, adventure won’t land on the tip of my tongue. I’m left hungry despite the meek efforts of change. 

I’m worried I will be here forever. Another small town kid too terrified to leave the walls of security and comfort of familiarity to find love and places that spark my soul. I hide from myself because I fear I will see nothing but disappointment in the mirror. I had my chance. My chance to leave but I threw it away for what? Not this. Not where I am now. 

I am an artist waiting for the knock. I am ready to answer.”

Journal entry of the day. Trying to keep those creative writing skills alive.