Why is writing a book so hard?

So as some of you know, I am working on a book called: “Scribbles of a Scrambled Mind.” While I enjoy writing it and a lot of the chapters come naturally…sometimes…writing a book is difficult. I started thinking about why that may be  and here is what I came up with :

(These are all based off my personal experience. These are not facts. Thank you.)

  1. To develop a character you have to create a life and a past for them that support who they are in the present. Even if you don’t write all of that into the book…the complexity of a character is a delicate and important task…and if it’s not done well…then the love you have for your characters will not come through properly to the readers.
  2. Deciding on what your message you want your readers to get when reading your book. Not all, but most books or stories have a core message or lesson that the author is wanting you to learn. Not to say you can’t voice multiple ideas…but you need to choose a theme so it’s not super chaotic and hard to read. That being said…I have a lot I want to say… so it’s hard not to jam pack my entire brain into one book.
  3. Worrying about what readers will think. It’s one thing to write a blerb here and there. Or write personal stories into your journal…but the thought of many people picking up a book you poured your heart and soul into is…intimidating…or what’s worse…the idea of nobody picking up your book.

Those are my three biggest blocks when it comes to writing. I want to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be about writing…I just want to hear: What is the hardest part about your favorite hobby? Or…you know whatever is on your mind. I like to hear what is on the minds of those on the other side of the screen.

That’s all for today, I  hope you all have a great Monday and I will see you all Wednesday!